Thermoelectric Generator Energy Harvesting Voltage Regulators & Proportional Amplifiers

Tegulator Thermoelectric Generator Energy Harvester Modules

The Tegulator line of low voltage energy harvester regulators & power conditioners are used for powering microprocessors, sensors, or low power wireless devices needing 5V, 3.3V, 3.0V, 2.2V or 1.8V.  Our Tegulator energy harvesting modules come with wired leads as well as 4 pin SIP connections. We also offer units that provide a proportional output to the input. Thse work great for powering cooling fans for your Thermoelectric Generator experiments.

Custom Thermoelectric Generator Energy Harvester Modules Available!

Customers call us all the time looking for custom thermoelectric energy harvesters and regulators. If we have something that close to what you're looking for please send us an email or call. With almost 15 years experince designing LED drivers, power converters, and managment systems you're in good hands.

TEGMART Energy Harvesters