Tegmart Thermoelectric Generator Modules

TEG Modules
TEGMART carries Tegpro Thermoelectric Generator Modules for building high temperature Thermoelectric Generators.
Tegpro High Temperature TEG Module - 18 Watt 9 Volt 56mm
Product ID : TGPR-18W9V-56S
Tegpro High Temperature TEG Module - 19 Watt 4 Volt 56mm
Product ID : TGPR-19W-4V-56S
Tegpro High Temperature TEG Power Module - 22 Watt 7 volt 56 mm
Product ID : TGPR-22W-7V-56S
Tegpro Thermoelectric Generator Module - 5 Watt 5 Volt 40 mm
Product ID : TGPR-5W-5V-40S

Tegmart offers Tegpro Thermoelectric Generator Modules

High Temperature Thermoelectric Generator Modules are the heart of any quality made high temperature thermolectric generator. Tegmart carries a large array of Tegpro Thermoelectric Generator Modules for your DIY thermoelectric generator. Please feel free to call or email us for assistance using and installing the modules. We have many engineers available to help on your next Thermoelectric Generator design project. Also please note the installation instructions located next to the datasheets at the bottom of each product page.

Custom Thermoelectric Generator Modules

Customers call us all the time looking for custom thermoelectric generator modules or teg or teg modules. If you have a particular size and/or voltage/power requirement we can usually quote you within 24 business hours. Please send us an email or call for a quote.You'll be amazed at how low our development prices are. If you're looking for a specific matched load voltage or output power at a known temperature delta we can accomodate your project. We can also design modules that can handle higher temperature ranges than what we have listed!

 Thermoelectric Generator Modules Bulk Pricing Available

As we use many modules for our own products and the OEM products we design, we purchase in large volume. This translates to the end user getting great price breaks in small & large quantities. If you have need for a large quantity of thermoelectric generator modules please give us a call or email. We look forward to working with you.