At TEGMART we offer a wide variety of Thermoelectric Generator Accessories for use with Thermoelectric Generators. You'll find heatsinks, fans, fansinks, water-pumps, tools, hardware and more!

Heavy Torque Screwdriver
$108.90 $98.99
High Temperature Thermocouple
$6.59 $5.99
Laser Temperature Meter
$21.99 $19.99
Light Torque Screwdriver
$108.90 $98.99
Product is out of stock
TEG Aluminum Heatsink 160mm by 99mm
$11.99 $10.99
TEG Aluminum Heatsink 203mm by 111mm
$10.89 $9.99
Thermocouple Meter with Thermocouple
$18.69 $16.99
Product is out of stock
Water Cooling Pump
$16.50 $14.99
Diversion Battery Charger with Digital Display
$163.90 $147.99
Product is out of stock
Multi-Input TEG Battery Charger and Pump Prioritization
$439.99 $395.99
Product is out of stock