Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators & Thermoelectric Generator Modules For Sale

Thermoelectric Generator Modules and Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators

We added many new Thermoelectric Generator Modules!

Welcome to TEGMART - your online store for Teg Power Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators. In the coming weeks, we will be adding more products, instructional videos, and information about power generation with Thermoelectric Generator Modules and Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators. TEGMART is owned by Tegpro, A Division of LEDdynamics. TEGMART offers Teg Power Energy Harvester Modules and DIY Thermoelectric Generator Accessories in the coming weeks to supply power to devices in your homes, camps, tents and ice fishing shanties. We are currently working on systems to supplement grid tied and battery storage solar arrays.  

What is TEG Power and what are Thermoelectric Generators?

A thermoelectric generator is a solid state device that converts temperature differences into electrical energy or TEG Power, using a phenomenon called the "Seebeck effect" . Their typical efficiencies are around 5% - 8%. [1] When heat is applied to the hot side of a Thermoelectric Generator, electricity is produced. Almost any heat source (i.e. Wood Stove) can be used to harness Teg Power, such as solar heat, geothermal heat, even body heat. In addition the efficiency of any device or machine that generates heat as a by-product can be drastically improved by recovering the energy lost as heat. [2]