Stove Lite TEG Lantern
Light your room, charge your
devices and never buy
batteries again.  Click for
more info!
TEG Generators for Wood Stoves
15, 30 & 45W Wood Burning Stove TEGs
with Air-Cooling by Devil Watt. Use waste
heat to charge your batteries, solar arrays
& personal devices.  Click to learn more!

Water Cooled TEG Generators
50 & 100-Watt Water-Cooled TEG
Generators by Devil Watt. Designed
with water cooling for increased power
output. Click to learn more!

Plug & Play TEG Systems
100W TEG System with water-
cooling, solar input, battery
charging & automatic water
pump prioritization. Click to
learn more!

Thermoelectric Modules
TEGmart has a large selection of
TEG Modules from TEGpro for a
wide-range of temperatures.
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Thermoelectric Generator Products For Sale

Wood Stove TEGs & More!

AmeriTEG TEG Generator

TEGMART is your online store for TEG Power Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators, TEG Modules, Energy Harvesting Circuits, Plug & Play TEG Systems and more! We have a strong knowledge base and videos demonstrating our Propane Camping Thermoelectric Generators & Wood Stove TEGs to supply power to devices in your homes, camps, tents and ice fishing shanties. Also, you’ll find heatsinks including water cooling blocks and Torque Screwdrivers to properly clamp TEG Generator Modules.

What is TEG Power and what are Thermoelectric Generators?

A Thermoelectric Generator is a solid state device that converts temperature differences into electrical energy or TEG Power, using a phenomenon called the "Seebeck effect" . Their typical efficiencies are around 5% - 8%. When heat is applied to the hot side of a Thermoelectric Generator, electricity is produced. Almost any heat source (i.e. Wood Stove) can be used to harness TEG Power, such as solar heat, geothermal heat, even body heat. In addition, the efficiency of any device or machine that generates heat as a by-product can be drastically improved by recovering the energy lost as heat.

Patent Pending Magnetic Thermoelectric Generators to be released soon...

Soon we will be releasing a patent pending magnetic mounting & uncoupling Thermoelectric Generator. They will be the only Thermoelectric Generators made in the USA with US made Thermoelectric Modules featuring the ability to couple & uncouple from High Temperature Heat Sources. The patent pending power management technology will feature MPPT tracking Thermoelectric Generators, which will be able to charge various battery