Stove Lite TEG Lantern
Light your room, charge your
devices and never buy
batteries again.  Click for
more info!
TEG Generators for Wood Stoves
15, 30 & 45W Wood Burning Stove TEGs
with Air-Cooling by Devil Watt. Use waste
heat to charge your batteries, solar arrays
& personal devices.  Click to learn more!

Water Cooled TEG Generators
50 & 100-Watt Water-Cooled TEG
Generators by Devil Watt. Designed
with water cooling for increased power
output. Click to learn more!

Plug & Play TEG Systems
100W TEG System with water-
cooling, solar input, battery
charging & automatic water
pump prioritization. Click to
learn more!

Thermoelectric Modules
TEGmart has a large selection of
TEG Modules from TEGpro for a
wide-range of temperatures.
Click to learn more!

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