Wood Stove Thermoelectric Generators

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Looking to convert heat to electricity using a wood stove powered thermoelectric generator? Whether you're looking for an actively cooled air or hydronic TEG Powered generator, Tegmart offer's all the TEG generator's and accessories you need to charge phones, tablets and supplement your solar battery bank. Need to run lights in your cabin and have no sunlight? Place one of our generators on your stove with our Diversion Charger and charge your battery to power your LED lighting. Our Wood Stove TEG Generators are designed for power generation from high temperature heat sources. They can operate up to 450 °C (850 °F) and will generate power when a temperature difference is applied to the two sides. The air cooled systems pull in colder air to cool their internal heat sinks. If you want to increase the output of the air cooled systems, cold air can be piped into the intake and you'll see the output increase up to 50%. Our hydronic systems can heat hot water to heat a remote area in your house or cabin via radiant tubing, baseboard heaters or radiators, all while generating power to run the pumps and charge your battery bank.

100-Watt TEG Generator for Wood Stoves with Water-Cooling
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45-Watt TEG Generator for Wood Stoves with Air-Cooling
$579.70 $521.99
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